International Services

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What are International Services?

AAA Cooper Transportation offers cross-border service to Canada and Mexico, along with trans-Atlantic shipping to and from Puerto Rico. Our system ensures seamless service, complete control, and single invoicing for your shipments from origin to destination. Additionally, we offer services at all major ports in the Southeast. We can design a solution for you that may include container drayage and cargo transloading that can lower your costs and eliminate hidden fees.

Canada Canada Flag

AAA Cooper Transportation offers the ultimate streamlined, customs-bonded freight service between the United States and Canada. We are your one-stop service for unsurpassed dependability, safety, state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and systems, including EDI and PARS, for fast, efficient, and worry-free crossing at the border.

Shipping Requirements:

Canadian Rate Estimate

Contact us at for more information on rate estimates and pickups or if you have any questions.

Mexico Mexico Flag

AAA Cooper Transportation offers LTL to Mexico through strategic alliances with Mexican carriers. With crossings via our Texas Service Centers near El Paso, Laredo, and McAllen, AAA Cooper Transportation makes shipping to and from Mexico a hassle-free experience. We can work with the broker of your preference on the Mexican or U.S. side of the border or assign a broker for you in the area of your crossing. A commercial invoice is required for shipping to or from Mexico.

U.S. to Mexico shipping flows in three easy steps:

  1. U.S. pick up by AAA Cooper Transportation
  2. Mexican Broker Process/Crossing
  3. AAA Cooper Transportation's Affiliate delivers in Mexico

Mexico to U.S shipping flows in four easy steps:

  1. Mexico pick up by AAA Cooper Transportation's Affiliate
  2. Mexican Broker Process/Crossing
  3. U.S. Customs Broker Entry and Release
  4. AAA Cooper Transportation delivers in the U.S.

Contact us at for more information on rate estimates and pickups or if you have any questions.

Puerto Rico

AAA Cooper Transportation is proud to offer superior transportation services to and from Puerto Rico as a Sales Agent for Odyssey, a global logistics solutions provider. Under this agreement, AAA Cooper Transportation's customers can enjoy the same level of unparalleled service they have come to expect with their inland shipments, on all shipments destined to Puerto Rico. Together, Odyssey and AAA Cooper Transportation can develop customized solutions to lower your costs and eliminate hidden fees.

Contact us at or contact your sales representative to request more information.


Here are a few of the common questions people ask...but please feel free to call us anyway!

Rate Estimates may be obtained by emailing or calling (800) 633-7571 to speak with a AAA Cooper Transportation Representative.

AAA Cooper Transportation can handle your less than container load shipments, as well as full container loads to Puerto Rico, through our partner, Odyssey.

Yes. AAA Cooper Transportation and Odyssey can handle all your transportation needs and requirements. Our experienced staff will request the information needed and file it on your behalf, if necessary.

From the U.S. to Mexico, we deliver to the Mexican Broker for entry and then to our interline partner for door delivery. From Mexico to the U.S., our interline partner delivers to the Mexican Broker and U.S. Broker for clearance. Once released, AAA Cooper Transportation will deliver it to the consignee’s door.

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