Dedicated Services

Assured Capacity and Peace of Mind

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What are Dedicated Services?

Dedicated Services offer the provisioning and dedication of transportation resources directly to a specific logistics need. When timing, special handling, volume, or other special circumstances do not allow for common carriage to be effective, Dedicated Services can ensure available capacity and overall peace of mind.


Having your own “Dedicated” fleet of professional and experienced transportation resources can greatly benefit your organization.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible contract terms
  • No equipment lease obligations
  • Limited risk and exposure to accidents or other liabilities
  • Relief from managing DOT safety and compliance
  • Access to advanced logistics technologies
  • Reliable and consistent budgeting of fleet costs
  • Resource contingency support through our integrated network of Service Centers and Dedicated Sites
  • Driver recruiting, training, and retention through developed networks
  • Backhaul assistance program to reduce empty miles


Our experience is broadly based on various service and supply chain types. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

Service Types

  • Unattended & Nighttime Delivery
  • Static Routes (Milk Runs)
  • Tier I & II Manufacturing
  • Cross Dock Operations
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Yard Management
  • Multi-Stop Truckload
  • Truckload

Supply Chain Segment Types

  • Retail Distribution (DC to Customer)
  • Wholesale Distribution (DC to Retail Store)
  • Assembly Operations and Manufacturing
  • In Process Manufacturing Plant Transfer
  • Warehouse Transfers (Plant to DC)

Equipment Configurations

Our experience with a variety of equipment types includes:


Dedicated Services employ world-class technologies that support your transportation needs:

  • Data Exchange – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be facilitated based on your specific needs (Flat File, XML, etc.).
  • Route Planning – Utilizing industry-leading applications, we can perform dynamic real-time planning by offering route optimization and asset utilization analysis.
  • Asset Tracking – Every tractor is equipped with an onboard computer (OBC), offering visibility of assets with GPS tracking. Additionally, visibility is provided for dropped trailers through untethered GPS tracking.
  • Reporting & Customized Billing – Our custom-developed data management system allows us the flexibility to generate KPIs, other custom reports, and billing information to meet your specific needs.
  • Customer Portal – A secure Web Service that allows 24/7 access to past billing and reporting.


What is a Safety Rating?

It is the policy of AAA Cooper Transportation to maintain a safe work environment throughout our system. The primary goal of our program is to prevent accidents, incidents, illnesses, and injuries and to fulfill our moral obligation to protect the general public. By doing so, the employees of the company and the general public will be best served.

Unsafe acts or working conditions create unnecessary hazards to the health and wellbeing of our people, our customers, and to the good name of the company. AAA Cooper Transportation therefore commits itself and its resources to these ends:

  • Provide safe and healthful working conditions.
  • Maintain all company equipment and facilities in good and safe order.
  • Correct any and all conditions that could lead to an accident or injury.
  • Provide ongoing safety training to all employees.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws or regulations related to safety.

To these ends, I commit all of the resources of AAA Cooper Transportation, including the best efforts of all our family members.

Reid Dove
Chief Executive Officer

Safety 365®

AAA Cooper Transportation's Safety 365® - Safety Every Day program ensures that safety is at the forefront of all that we do every day of the year. Each number represents a significant part of the program and contributes to and ensures our safety culture meets and exceeds the highest safety standards in the industry.

 3Safety Awareness and Professional Driver Training every 3 years ensures compliance with all state and federal requirements.
 6Every 6 months, our leadership meets with each team member one-on-one. Discussions focus on all aspects of safety and are designed to ensure comfortable open communication during the meeting and throughout the year.
 5Team members' recognition and awards escalate for every 5 year milestone of safe service achieved.

Sustainability in Action

What is SmartWay?

AAA Cooper Transportation is committed to supporting environmentally sound business practices. Whether through a formalized program such as SmartWay® or by simply reducing miles driven through advanced operations research applications, AAA Cooper Transportation strives to achieve a minimal impact footprint on our environment. Some of our efforts that favorably impact the environment include:

  • More fuel-efficient tractors with automatic transmissions improve RPM control during shifting, leading to improved MPG.
  • Side skirts on trailers improve the overall drag coefficient, improving MPG.
  • Improved tire compositions and setups lead to reduced rolling resistance and improved MPG.
  • LTL system flow improvements enhance loaded fill rates, reducing the miles per shipment required.
  • Advanced data center designs reduce HVAC demands and overall utility consumption.
  • Recycle used oil, used oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, and scrap steel.
  • Have shop rags laundered for reuse.
  • Retread tires to extend their useful life and reduce scrap tire generation.
  • Switch to metal halide yard and wall pack lights with more efficient LED lighting as a replacement becomes necessary.

View the AAA Cooper Transportation SmartWay certificate.

Pricing Options

A Dedicated Services agreement typically runs from 2 to 5 years based on a specifically defined operational scope and terms required to directly support your operational needs.

Rates may be set up in several ways depending on your particular needs and preferences. The most common rate structure is ‘fixed and variable,’ where a fixed fee is charged per week, and a variable element is then applied to the miles, hours, and other key metrics associated with the operation’s activity. Load rates, hourly rates, mileage rates, and other options are also available for consideration.


Here are a few of the common questions people ask...but please feel free to call us anyway!

Industries served include but are not limited to the following: Automotive Manufacturing, Automotive Parts, Heavy Equipment Parts, Building Materials, Retail, HVAC, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Office Supplies, Aluminum, Corrugated Packaging, and much more.

Yes! AAA Cooper Transportation specializes in private fleet conversions. We have extensive experience in equipment lease assumptions, purchasing existing fleet equipment, and assisting with selling existing fleet equipment. Current company drivers will be considered first. If they meet our minimum hiring requirements, they will be given the opportunity to join AAA Cooper Transportation's Dedicated Services, where they will continue to service your customer.

Yes! AAA Cooper Transportation provides a customized equipment solution based on your specific needs. We currently operate several types of specialized equipment configurations. See our equipment listing on this site for illustrations.

AAA Cooper Transportation's Dedicated Services operate in the lower 48 states of the U.S.

Yes! We offer a third-party backhaul program to reduce empty miles and lower your costs. This service is supported by AAA Cooper Transportation's Brokerage Services and Sales Territory Managers, that are face-to-face with shippers each day.

Resource contingency support is provided through our integrated network of LTL Service Centers and Dedicated Sites located throughout our service area. AAA Cooper Transportation operates more than 2000 tractors equipped with satellite tracking that allows for short response times to emergencies, spikes in business, and any other possible contingency situation.

We offer a variety of delivery services that include unattended nighttime, lift gate, and white glove.

Yes! With state-of-the-art technology tools, we offer equipment tracking, shipment tracking and tracing, EDI, route planning, optimization analysis, and customized billing and reporting solutions to fit your requirements.

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